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Midnight Ramble #6

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So I'm currently camping. Normally I would like camping but we are at a beach and I hate beaches and so does my bat theriotype. I also hate fish. Well when I was on the sandbar I noticed that I could walk on four legs easily, easier then on land and I had a crazy phantom and mental shift. I started running and bouncing like crazy and I barked and chased a fish and my family is now very worried about me.
I sometimes receive memories like normally I do where I just remember something. So today we were in the speed boat and I got this little vivid flashback of me (Hedley) on this big boat, prancing around and sticking my head out the side of the boat feeling the spray in my fur. Then, another memory when I was still feeling my phantom limbs where I (Hedley) was walking around the water and a fish came up to me, I barked at it and chased it and got scared by it and ran back to my owners. I hope one day I can learn their names, they seemed like they were so nice.

I had another weird thing where I tripped on the pier and I outstretched my arms and felt my phantom wings? It was so strange, it was like instinctive. I should go to sleep now probably, it's getting late.
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