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Mixed fortune

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This week has been very hectic, and quite the emotional roller coaster! Tuesday was particularly difficult day at school, which stressed us out so much we skipped school Wednesday.
Wednesday was very refreshing, plus we found this site, which helped us regain our balance enough to go back to school yesterday. We had a clear head and bizarrely good luck all day yesterday, right up until we got home from the grocery store and realized our dog was very ill and needed to see a vet.
Today we were physically unable to wake up til around noon, and missed school again. We went to the vet, and apparently our dog might actually be dying from any number of horrible things, but we won't know until tomorrow, and even running the tests has taken all the money we have.
We're still recovering from the accidental death of our pit bull last June, and really can't cope with losing our Labrador retriever too, but we don't know how we can possibly help him.
We're very glad to be gaining a better understanding of ourselves, but right now we're mostly just scared for our dog.
It's been a rough day.
-Taako of Hastur System
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