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Money money money

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You can tell how things are going in my life by how much I post here; if I'm posting a lot it means that things aren't going great. And if I'm posting a lot about non-kin-related subjects, it means things are really bad. On that note, this post has nothing to do with kin-related subjects.

As I think I've mentioned before, I came home from Europe to find that my PC, which was fine when I left, was acting up. It kept getting worse and worse until eventually the computer would power on but not get any further than that. I called the manufacturer for support, but they told me I was out of warranty and that the only thing I could do was go to Best Buy and see if they could figure out the problem. Long story short, after an infuriating situation with Best Buy and some research of my own, I found that the issue was probably the motherboard. Since getting the motherboard repaired would cost more than replacing the computer (given that the video card and memory still work fine), I figured I needed to do that.

But, as I've also mentioned before, I'm pretty much broke. My parents cut me off to an extreme degree with no warning not too long ago, and the trip to Europe was pricey as well. I've been cutting down on a lot of things, but the fact is that I can barely afford to live comfortably (or at least. anywhere near the level of comfort that I'm used to). So buying a new computer, even a cheap one, would be a serious budgeting problem. And it couldn't be too cheap either; while I'm keeping my existing video card, the PC would still need a powerful enough CPU to run the Vive, because it didn't seem cost effective to leave myself with an $800 paperweight.

So, I reaearched, and researched, and looked, and looked, and finally I found a deal that was a steal. The CPU was even more powerful than my old one, the case was big enough for the video card, the hard drive was big enough for my purposes, and (because it was refurbished) it only cost $200. Believe me, I've done enough research in the last week or so to know that price is crazy good. Too good, in fact; it seemed too good to be true. So I sent the link to my dad and my brother in law and asked them to take a look and make sure I wasn't missing anything. They didn't see any problems. The only issue was that Amazon only had one in stock, so I needed to act fast. So once I heard back from them, I ordered it.

I can't say whether it was the right choice of a computer yet since it won't arrive until Friday, but I have a bigger problem. I didn't realize just how bad my monetary situation was. If I did I likely wouldn't have bought the computer yet. It's bad, really bad. Right now I have $320 to my name. And since my next paycheck will go entirely to paying for my apartment, I have to make that $320 last for a little over two weeks.

What makes all of that even worse is that I had an out, and I blew it because I was too embarrassed to take it. My sister and my brother in law offered to pay for part of the PC as an early birthday present. Not knowing how dire the situation was, I declined. Not that I couldn't still ask, but I'm so easily embarrassed that I don't know how I could get myself to do so.

It's also worth noting that the computer itself isn't the only cost. In order for my video card to work with it, I'll need to replace the power supply. I have one in my old PC that will work, but I don't trust myself to install it properly. So if I have to hire someone to install it, that's another cost. One thing I plan to do is sell some of my Magic and Pokémon cards, but it's only a short term solution. Ugh.

So I'm not feeling my best right now, and this is besides all of my issues with work....
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