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Mooiy Ishka's understanding. Don't hate just take it in.

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Hi to who may see this. This is not to be hateful or hurtful to anyone so I ask the same in return. It is my understanding that everyone is to have respect for one another on and off of these forums.
And everyone is Innocent until proven guilty. The truth must be told with good judgment. Commonsense must be used by all for all reasons in all things. No if's, and's or but's. If protecting Innocent people makes me a white knight then I am a white knight. If trying to fight what is wrong, unjust and evil where ever it may be makes me a monster then I am a monster. Everyone has the right to defend themselves. That is not a guideline or a rule it is a law for every living being. I may not be one with my body but I know what I have said is true. It's in my blood and bones. It's in my heart and sole. It can not be changed for anyone or thing. This has been with me all of both my lives. Call me what you will. Beat me and brake my bones. Cast me out or lock me away never to see the light of day or feel another's gentle touch ever again. Kill me if you must but I will not waver. I will not and can not give up. For me it is not an option. It's this or never to have been. Humans say this that it's set in stone. Well my friends this is set in the fibers of everything that is and will be. Thank you for reading and do have fun. Just a little about me.
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