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More kintype confusing fun times!!

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MAYBE NOT AN AVIAN! I SURE WASN'T AN ALIEN, AND NOW PROBABLY NOT AN AVIAN (well the humanoid version that is)!! Ok, I'm going back to base one and going to stay safe with saying I am a Bird or having parts of a bird. Because the phantom wings I am having may be that of my dragon, I can't really feel details like feathers or scales but in dreams they are feather and in meditation they are scales. I am just driving myself mad right now.

I am guessing the dream wings are the ones at fault because I have an Orignal character who has the same wings and that I created before the dreams started. So I guess the dreams is me trying to be more like the character. This is just a whole pool of confusion!

sigh, I have never had this much confusion over a Kintype, like the Dragon was something I knew since I was small and the Coyote was easy to pair up but this?? This is the hardest Kintype by far. But its fun, just hard fun.

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