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My Awakening story

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So I might as well share this here in more detail than what is on my user page, and I will go ahead and start from the beginning of this when I was in 3rd grade:

When I was 3rd grade I started to feel inhuman, but I could never put a name to why I did. I started to get memories of having large wings and flying over snowy landscapes and of other beings like me. I didn't put a name to what I was until I started to read a book about dragons that sadly I don't remember the name of. I remembered critically moments of that life, the other kinds of dragons, a war that had happened, and I called it the Dragon World (because that is the most unique name I could come up with). I would walk around school asking other kids if they were dragons because I thought everyone felt the same way, and of course most of the time I got "no" as the answer, but sometimes they would say "yes," probably they thought I was trying to play pretend so they went along with it.

That continued on through 3rd grade, then I lost contact with them until 4th grade when I brought it back up again. Then everyone started to think I was nuts. They said I should grow up and that I was crazy for having these memories. My mom however encouraged me, saying that it grew my creativity. My dad however didn't know, because I didn't see him everyday (divorced parents) I didn't think it would matter.

I then tried to stop believing in it when my "best friends" told me I was just crazy, and a psycho path, and all the things that would hurt someone has a 4th grader. So I told myself to stop and I was able to push it away for years. My father controlled my religious beliefs from then on for a while, him being a hardcore Christian. When I finally told him he laughed and said I was a crazy kid when I was younger...

January 30th 2015,

It was my dad's birthday, and I didn't need to go with him until 6:00 that afternoon so my mom, me, my meme, and my god sister (of sorts, long story) went to Bush Gardens. I remember right when I entered the gates of the park my mom getting a text from my dad saying:

"Not feeling good, have to cancel weekend plans, the party is canceled."

No biggie, I would give him his present next weekend...I never gave him the present. He continued to cancel every weekend and Wednesday. No response even every I text him. He completely cut himself out (even to this day). When he left I tried to keep up with the our Church, however I feel behind and sort of fell into a religious void I guess you could say. I called myself a Christian however I didn't believe it as much anymore.

It was mid-March when I was on Youtube looking at Furry videos when I found a video called "Furry vs. Therian." I was curious and clicked it, I watched it, thought being a Therian was completely absurd, but still did more research on the topic. I put the pieces together with the Dragon world and all that.

About a week later I walked up to my mom in tears, explained everything to her, once I was done she stood up from the couch and hugged me. That is when I knew everything felt right.

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