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My beleifs-

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After reading many articles in the Library I think i've finally wrapped my head around how I think of the spiritual side of my identity.

After looking at this article in the Library (my favorite one so far, extremely helpful) I would say that the term Metempsychosis explains my beleifs of reincarnations and new lives very well. I'm not sure if this word is still a validly used word, i'm just saying that the definition sounds like what I believe.

I believe in the existence of a soul, and I believe your soul is you. I believe that everyone has their own soul. It's start out empty and develops overtime by how you were raised and your childhood in general. For otherkins and therians though and also people who have a reincarnated soul, they just have another soul with them. I believe that the soul is with them from birth. With humans reincarnations sometimes the soul will show itself earlier, due to the greater intelligence levels. With animal souls signs of the animal might start showing up around puberty, which is what happened with me.

Weird part though and the thing i'm confused about is... how did the soul get there? I don't believe in a life after death such as heaven or hell and I don't believe in becoming a ghost or a spirit of some sort either. I'm starting to consider spirits, but if I did I would say they would almost be like the air we breathed. They wouldn't be physical or really have any thought of their past life, they would kind of be just there. I'm going to leave the comments on this blog post and I would love to hear how you think about life after death or things like that, but I don't want you to try to get me to believe something else.

As for my theriotypes I believe that both of them are 2 different animal souls that lie near my own soul. I see the world partially from different eyes and those different views cause me to act in certain non-human ways and interoperate things differently. My whole life doesn't revolve around being a therian, but I do dedicate most of my time learning about my own identity and communicating with other people who feel the same way as me.

(Before you comment or say anything, please remember that I am young and I'm still kind of new to figuring out my identity but I have put a lot of thought into my beliefs and this itself.)
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