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My Short but, Interesting Trip to Tumblr

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I haven't been on the site for a little while, sorry about that. It's mostly because I decided to spend a little bit of time on Tumblr. Yes, that site. I know the stigma behind it but, I'd like to talk about my experience with it for a bit.

You see, I've seen many people here talking about how "there are no good or factual otherkin blogs on Tumblr" and in my opinion that has an easy fix. If no ones going to do it for you, do it yourself. So I did. I created my own blog and promised myself that I would post about what I know and if I didn't know something, I'd do some research and then post my findings. No use in complaining if you aren't going to try to fix it right? So I set off to make my blog (it's centered around polymorphic and shapeshifting otherkin) and once I did I met a few others like myself. They didn't mind their identity being questioned and some even liked it! For a while, I couldn't understand what others were talking about, this site wasn't so bad.

Then the more active I become on tumblr the more I began to run into... well... interesting people. It seems that some on that site stack up kintypes like they're playing jinga. It's amazing to see, really. They have pages called "don't follow if" and most of the time they'll have a fit if you follow them and share a kintype. I'd like to point out that most of these people were "fictionkin". (I don't have a problem with fictionkin at all, I used the quotation marks because they're identities were a bit questionable) It gives fictionkin a bad name in my opinion.

I don't believe most people on tumblr understand what being otherkin actually means. They seem to think that "since I identify as, I am" when that isn't exactly true. They don't want to think about the spiritual or psychological aspects behind it and just want to go around seeming "cool". It's saddening since people protect these "otherkin" and what's even sadder is that there are a large amount of "ex-kin" who like to spread around things that just aren't true.

There are a lot of other things about tumblr I didn't like, pseudo gender mentalities, hard left leaning people (I don't have a problem with left leaning people, it's just that these people are often horribly extreme and will curse the name of people who dare think differently) the idea that every space has to be a "safe space" and since I'm a black, non straight, girl who likes boyish clothes and maladaptive daydreams I often get the occasional "you're oppressed! You should be angry! You should hate (insert group here) with us!" remark. I'm not going to neglect my blog but, I am most definitely going to be spending more time on here. Tumblr isn't the best for my mental state (or anyone's for that matter)
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