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New Kin? Update

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So. The other day I was talking about a weird shift that happened and it kept happening. It felt human but not. I could feel waves on the soles of my feet, like I was walking on water, My limbs left a bit longer like I was a more lengthier figure, my hair felt long. Like by my ankles long. I could feel the thickness of my eyelashes. The clothes I felt wasnt the clothes I wore, I felt almost naked. I even felt wings on my back. They felt as big as my figure. 5'7" maybe? But I could feel water moving all around, in my veins even. The smell of moisture all around, the feeling of perpetual sadness the feeling of singing in my throat, but heard no words. I felt it all. It was so strong I blacked out. Idk what this being is. Undine? Water angel? Fairy? Idk what this is. But its happened the past few days and I was just lucky I was in bed the past few times when I blacked out.
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