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New Theriotype..?

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Using one popular meditation method (the doorway one) I was able to find this same animal once again. The first time we met, I thought it was just something my brain made up for me to feel more normal in this community, so I just pushed it aside. But here it came again, it came from the same meadow, I was in the same place as last time I tried this. I was able to look around, the area was green and lightly lit by the yellow sun rays form above. I could see the large stream, I could hear the birds chirping. It came up to me, I was a little frighted honestly... but then it just.. sat down beside me. I turned my head and looked at it. A short snout, dog like figure. Very fluffy coat and a busy tail. A fox. A white fox. Not completely white but with splotches of black on the top. What could a white fox be doing in a forest like this? I looked a little closer where I could see a divot in their coat, but I couldn't get a good look at it. The fox stood up, it looked up at me and I looked away out of instinct, not wanting to make eye contact. It walked forward. I watched it. It looked back at me and stopped. I guessed it want me to it follow it? So I did. I walked with this fox. I looked around the forest, taking in the scenery. We walked along the river bank, the bright green grass started getting choppy and being overtaken by mud and small round rocks. While I was staring the fox stopped me and walked across the river. It was shallow, enough that I could walk across it but the stones still hurt my feet. When we got to the other side the fox directed me to a cave. It looked dark and musty from a far and when approaching it it smelled like ferns and earth. It seemed excited to show me, I could see by the way its tail was wagging. Which made me wonder... "foxes tails don't normally wag like a dogs.. right"? It sat by the end, patiently. I looked at it, waiting for further instructions. It looked at a place on the wall, being lit by a single beam of light. I went up to it, something seemed to be carves in the wall. I placed my hand on it an tried to brush away the dust. I could only see two letters. "H" and "E" and what I think were "EY" at the end. I turned around, looking at the animal in confusion. I stood up, waiting for me to walk out. I realized that it couldn't really communicate with me, so I just walked out. The animal dashed ahead running down this cut path. I followed the fox down this path. As I was walking I noticed a picture frame stuck on a tree. I stopped and the fox stopped too. I walked up to it and looked at it, a video seemed to start playing. I felt myself going into the footage, maybe not foetage... a memory of this animal. There were 2 humans. 1 with a booming loud voice. He was holding a toy of some sort. He was wearing a blue shirt and brown jeans, nice shoes and a nice belt. He had a watch on one arm and his skin was wrinkly. There was another person, a girl wearing a pink shirt and black formal pants. She also sounded and seemed a little older, she was laughing at the man. I remember the man saying "commonnn come and get it boy! you've gotta jump a little higher then that!" in his deep voice and the women saying "Hank stop that! give Hedley the toy!". The little fox, is jumping up and down, up to the mans belt to get the toy. It's wearing a little navy blue vest or sweater and they are jumping happily, tongue out trying to get the toy from the man's strong hand. I stay there, watching for about 3 minutes at least of this memory. Then, the fox grabs the toy and lays down, putting it under it's paw and gnawing at it with it's sharp teeth. The two laugh and the foxes tail wags quickly.
From behind me I hear a low bark. I turn around and the bark happens again. The fox was trying to get my attention. I apologized stupidly. The fox lead me farther down the path. There's a small house made of old wood. We walk down and the fox walks into the house. I open the door and feel like i'm at home. It all smelled so familiar. It all seemed so familiar. I looked down at the fox, his orange eyes look at me. I feel a connection to him. Before I open my eyes, something flashes by me.

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