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Night gets darkest right before dawn

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There wasn't enough space to use the full title for this post:

"Night gets darkest right before dawn
What don't kill you makes you more strong
And I been waiting for it so long"

So I've been going through some things the last couple of days, as I'm sure you've noticed. Usually my periods of doubt come after TUF, and they are the last thing I have to overcome before TUF ends. While this wasn't TUF, it did involve me being really concerned about figuring myself out. The doubt is where things really get bad, but it always seems like once the doubts pass, everything else gets better.

I don't know why that is. Maybe doubt is inevitable after I focus so hard on finding answers that don't really come. And maybe once I overcome the doubt, after having faced the alternative, I'm more satisfied with what I do have than I was before the doubt. But that, of course, is just a theory.

Speaking of theories, I'm liking my new working theory of a Fauntaur looking just like a faun but also being demon-like. I'm not as confident in it as I was with the centaur theory, but it's a start. I still have to figure out where the centaur fits into this. Maybe, as has been suggested, a fauntaur can shapeshift. I'm still considering these questions, but I'm not so worried about them anymore.

And that's just as well, because now I need to stop worrying about Fauntaur Gryff and start worrying about Human Gryff. Things aren't exactly going great in my human life either. Be warned: this paragraph is about my job, so not exactly interesting. We started using this new software system, and since then, there's more to do than ever and work keeps piling up. I'm getting way behind and that's a serious problem. But that's a different story for a different kind of blog.

This is not the end of my kin-related issues; just a break. And for now at least, that's good enough.
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