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Not from around here

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Hello all. This is MY chance to put my mark on the map, so to speak. Seeing as my partner is the only one acknowledged in real life, the only places I can be me are this f****** website and her mindscape. Call it cabin fever. She'll insist on editing my language to keep it safe for public consumption, too.

You may call me Teresa. I don't d*** around, so you can always expect the utmost honesty from me if you ask a question. Unless I'm feeling playful, in which case most people tire of my word games rather quickly. I'm trying to socialize better, so four out of five times you can count on me to be straight with you. The other fifth of the time usually involves me talking about a myriad of torture techniques just to hear myself talk. But anyway.

I refer to myself as a demoness because that's easier to say than 'vilified magical entity' or some such. I'm not from around here, like my ušumgal partner. She was dying, I needed to get out of Dodge, so I threw together a binding spell and voila. My soul is stuck to hers, and now no j****** can summon me to do their bidding for some cliché reason. My kind were persecuted and hunted down for use as batteries, for lack of a better term. Maybe generator. Humans overall had next to no magical ability, and my kin were chock full of magical energy. So they would capture and bind us, using rather crude methods and natural energy to link our power to the human in question. That's where warlocks came from. For all intents and purposes, I register as a demon in this world, and many of the tales surrounding demons match me fairly well.

In the mindscape, I'm shaped mostly like a female human, but covered in bright red and russet scales. I have a long, thin tail with a fork at the end, claws, fangs, and yellow cat eyes. My hair is black, long, and a bit coarse due to being antennae-like structures rather than keratin deposits or whatever humans have. My birthplace was a cave system within an active volcano, a kind of city that lived on the pulse of the mountain. Magma and the ocean are the blood of the world, after all. Language is a sacred thing, and we all had public as well as private names to prevent another holding power over us. The exact terms were 'given', 'written' and 'taken' names, 'given' by our parents or society, 'taken' by us to use in friendly company, and 'written' names were what you might call True Names written on our souls. Teresa is a taken name and my partner has seen no need for a given name, and as she's the only one I interact with on a regular basis it doesn't much matter.

I enjoy scaring people and otherwise unnerving them, partially because I am unnerving and partially because it's fun. My only real 'hobby' is writing, but the term is a bit too banal. Writing is a sacred, powerful thing, and the written word is equally important. But I don't do it out of any religious obligation, I just enjoy it.

That said, that's all I can think to write about myself. I'm willing to expand on this. Do people even ask questions on these blog things?
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