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Not today...

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So....I pre-wrote a blog last night because something was really bothering me and wanted to clear things out of my head. Plus, I still feel embarrassed about what happened in public cuz I almost fell on my face during a random phantom shift. And also I'm not able to get on my phone. Instead of writing that, (I might later.) I'm just gonna clear things up shortly.
On my last blog, I clearly stated that I'll only explain things I wanted to explain. But yet, people still ask things like I should be careful of depending on my dreams when finding my theriotype.
Aside from all this therian thing, I just feel this connection with the wolves and other wild animals. Wolves should be 'respected' more than being hunt down. That's ONE OF THE REASONS (I didn't say only.) why I chose wolf than other canines.
I may feel easily threatened and I'm sorry. Past stuff, still getting used to being by myself with no other therians around....just some things have changed. Sorry if I'm too 'sensitive'.
There, not gonna write any longer because I still feel the paws shifts and for me, right now, it feels really weird.
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