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Notes on fox theriotype

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+About 3 months ago I had a dream where I was laying with a small white fox in a large open field of grass. It was a very vivid dream, I remember finding it strange that the fox in the dream wasn't trying to attack me at all
+When I get scared I tend to squeak or make high pitched yelling noises? Not in a human way, I know it's not a human trait (I even looked into it).
+I enjoy rolling in tall grass and in the dreams and meditations where I see the fox he's always rolling in tall grass. he's almost always around it or chewing on it
-I believe in reincarnation, i'm just not sure how I believe in it, if that makes any sense.
+like I had said before in many places when I was first figuring out my identity in this community I related myself to a wolf somehow. I remember still feeling strongly as a wolf even after I figured out my bat theriotype. I'm starting to think that that "wolf" I was feeling is this fox. I know, it's very different, but from my angle it makes plenty of sense honestly. people always say that wolves are close to family and they are always ready to fight but they are loyal, but I never felt that part of it. I always felt more cozy and warm, like I was burrowed under soft blankets curled up in a soft bed. I was never with a pack really and I never felt like I missed a pack, I just wanted to go back home and sleep more
-I already know a lot about Hedley, but it feels like I learned it all too quickly. I had a meditation that showed me my theriotype, my theriotypes name and a memory. that just doesn't feel right to me. so no, i'm not going to stick with this and say that all of the details in my last meditation were exact and true, i'm going to say that this is what I have right now and until I learn something else about him it won't change.
+i'm going to refer to the fox as 3 things "Hedley", "my theriotpye", and "the fox". If I learn the name is incorrect or something else is wrong, i'll change it.

I promise these are not the only reasons why I've decided this is the theriotype I have I promise there are many many many more, these are just the ones i'm jotting down before I go to bed.
I'm still learning and honestly I could type so so much longer. I'm going to make a continuation of this soon, but for now i'm just leaving this here.
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