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Of reality and imagination, more questions that answers....

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OK so I’ve been trying to think about how to blog this, and there is no sensible way, so I’m just going to put something on paper and hope that questioning and amendments make sense of it all in due course.
So a couple of weeks ago I had this sudden moment of total clarity and saw, or rather sensed, a whole load of really weird stuff.

So everything around me just faded out, like I was about to faint or something, and I was suddenly in a place, or rather a no-place, something between all the levels of reality and perception. I could sense rather than see everything that every was, is, or will be, stretching out in front of me. It felt so incredibly calm, and in one perfect moment I suddenly understood how everything worked, how it all inter-related to each other. How reality, perception and imagination are all malleable, flexible and nothing like what we see them to be from the inside.
It was like for my entire life I’d been living inside a box, only able to see as far as my limited boundaries, and suddenly I was shown the outside of the box, and all the other boxes, and how they can exist side by side, on top of each other, overlaid on each other, and yet still be boxes in their own right.

OK so I warned you this wasn’t going to make much sense.

Anyhow everything faded away and I came back to the current moment with a profound sense of loss. I still remember clearly what I saw and have a very different understanding of the way things are, but for a moment I felt like someone had given me the instruction manual and then took it away before I had a chance to read!

So I’ll try and detail everything I saw/sensed and remember, and how it may relate to all of us, and then put on my tin hat and wait for the bombardment. Just to be absolutely clear, this is to try and get clear a personal insight. This is not meant to trample on anyone’s thoughts, feelings or beliefs. Nor is it in any way meant to be a preachy “I’m right and you’re wrong” I have no idea what this was, nor what it means in the grand scheme of things.

First up we need to define some terminology – especially words and phrases (and concepts) I’ve been guilty of using myself in the past. Forget for the moment about multiple-universes, parallel dimensions, plains of existence, and anything like that. Instead I’m going to talk about different realities. These are not parallel, discrete and segregated realities, rather just compartments with thicker or thinner barriers between them and the next compartment. Different realities can be so far apart they never influence each other, some are so close they fold in on each other, either becoming one, or elements bleeding into one another.
Some of these realities are almost identical. In this one I turned right, in that one I turned left. Every other aspect may be identical. And as there are an infinite and ever increasing number of realities, and every decision we make creates a new reality, everything that ever could possibly be is happening right now, has already happened, and is about to happen, in some reality across the whole reality plain.
Now because the walls between realities are not exactly thick, nor impermeable, it means sometimes things, spirits, knowledge, consciousness bleeds through from one to the other. So an awareness of what has been or will be in a different reality can become know in this. This is the root of Deja Vu, or Prescience. In another reality, there is a person who in every possible way is identical to you, except an experience happened to them yesterday which is about to happen to you now. For some reason in a moment the walls between that reality and this weaken and the consciousness of that person and you touch, and suddenly this event occurs, seemingly again, and that creepy feeling of familiarity gets triggered.

While some realities may be similar to ours, many are very, very different. This is where it gets really weird. Not all realities are the same size or shape. Not all have the same perception of the laws of physics, the nature of the universe, the nature of life itself. These are just constructs, perceptions within our reality. Some realities are pure energy, some pure thought, some little more than void. Within all these realms, these different aspects of the reality plain, here angels and demons dance on the heads of pins and push through the barriers to other realities to wreck havoc, pulling aspects of one reality into another. In all these realities, the wildly different worlds that exist, the life and events on those worlds bleed through into our consciousness and become our imaginings. So even the inspiration for fiction itself is just a reflection of another reality, where a left turn was a right turn, where battles were lost rather then won, where aliens invaded, or were friendly, where Pandora’s box was opened rather than left shut, and where, yes, Dragons fly proudly in the skies. Where such things are real, they can in part, or in full, cross over to our reality. Events, imaginings, even whole consciousnesses can bleed, leak through and become trapped in this reality, trapped in susceptible, compatible hosts. And once merged, a human body feels the frustration of a trapped wolf’s mind, or dragon, or a character from a reality that inspired fiction here, a thief, a warrior, a spikey blue hedgehog. Anything that ever could possibly exist, exists somewhere, somewhen, in some other reality.

And if we could stand back and view it all through one single pane of glass, we could understand these realities and see the barriers between, not strong, absolute, regimented, but porous, flexible, malleable, and in places even punctured. And maybe one day we can learn how to see through them, walk between them, meet those whose consciousnesses we host, or feel affinity with. I don’t think those who host the consciousness of another being in this reality could become that being in another, although anything is possible, but we could reach out and touch and hold those forms we have learned to love. If our feelings go both ways, hopefully they won’t eat us.

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