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Oxalaia Quilombonesis

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My next two blogs will give information about my kintype starting with the dinosaur. I feel if one understands my extinct kintypes they can better talk with me about them if they want. So yeah Oxalaia.

What type of dinosaur is it?
Oxalaia Quilombonesis falls under the spinosaur tree. The same tree as the famous Spinosaur Aegypticus. While the fossils are rare they showed enough signs of elements to place them under the spinosaurs.

A fossil of the Oxalaia

Not much is found of the Oxalaia. While they know it is a spinosaur and lived in what is now Brazil they arent sure how long the dino could get. It is estimated that the Oxalaia could reach a lenght of 12 to 14 meters in lenght and weighed around 5 to 7 tonnes.

If you are aware there is a theory that is pretty recent that Spinosaur Aegypticus may have walked on 4 legs instead of 2 legs. While it is not proven that it is a fact since it is still under debate paleontologists think the Oxalaia also may have walked around on 4 legs. While artist impressions show the dino being bipedal more there are while not artist impressions some pictures that shows it on 4 legs but mostly when it is used as a pic that shows the dino lenght and height in opposite of a normal human being.

Since there is a lack of fossils Spinosaur Aegypticus was used to estimate the lenght for a approximate body double of this dinosaur. This is a rough estimation and as long there isnt more found of the dinosaur that can help to get a better understanding of the lenght it remains uncertain how long the dinosaur really could get.

In what time did the dinosaur live?
Fossils indicate it lived during the late Cretaceous (early Cenomanian stage, about 98 mya) in what is now Bazil.

What was it's diet?
At first it was thought with Spinosaur Aegypticus that it was a meat eater. Recently however studies shown that it was a fish eater when fish was more common during the warm seasons. It however would eat meat when the fish were gone during colder times. Skull analysis showed that it most likely stuck it's snout in the water and when prey swam underneath it would sense that through sensors in the snout and would snap it's jaws shut at the right moment. Basicly it had a similiar hunting style as crocodiles have. It was through the skulls of these reptiles that showed it was a fish eater. So it would be similiar for Oxalaia to hunt like this given it had a similiar build as Spinosaur. This way it didnt need to compete for meat when fish was around and could afford be wasteful.

What did it look like?
Well as it is the case with most dinosaur we can only guess what the color might be. Since we dont have time travel it will remain for now a big guessing game for what it really looked like due the lack of bones. Maybe if there is more found of the Oxalaia we can at least understand the anatomy of the animal better. But given the new things that are discovered with Spinosaur there will always be new things waiting to be discovered.

One of the artist impressions on how the dino may looked like

The next one that is coming up is the American Cave Lion.
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