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People, people, everybody people

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(Yes, that is actually from a song.)

Note 1: This was originally going to be a new forum post, but it came out a bit preachy and is sort of personal, so I thought it might fit better here.

Note 2: The second part of my post from yesterday is still coming.

Before I start: I am NOT looking to reopen the questions of "are we human" or "what do we think about humans". Those are toxic questions that only end up making people upset and starting pointless arguments. Yes, all of us are human, and none of us have the right to judge humanity. If you disagree with me on either of those things, feel free to talk about it if you don't mind starting fights, but not in this thread.

Instead, I want to talk about why we sometimes ask those questions, why they piss me off so much, and why I have problems with people saying they "never feel human." They all come down to one thing really: as kin we're always in such a rush to shed our humanity. We feel the need to separate ourselves from humanity, out of fear that if we don't, we aren't really kin (or people will say we aren't.) And I'll answer the question that you might have if you're like me: yes, I do include myself in this. I try not to express it in the ways I'm talking about, but I've done it too.

And it makes sense. In the past I've talked a lot about how quick we can be to deny other people's experiences. Between that, how different our experiences are, and a bunch of other factors, being kin feels like a competition sometimes. Though I don't think anyone actually believes this, I feel like sometimes we unintentionally portray the attitude that the more human you consider yourself, somehow the less kin you are. When we come up with new ways to separate ourselves all the time, and when we exaggerate the level at which we don't feel human, it creates the assumption that people who feel human and consider ourselves human are somebow less kin. Which is stupid, obviously, but I know it happens.

How do I know? Because that's why people bring up the questions I talked about at the beginning. I think it often comes from insecurity. Some, especially more recently awakened kin, feel the kind of feeling I'm talking about. So they exaggerate. They say that not only do they not feel human, they aren't human. And then they go even further, and say that they hate humanity. And don't get me wrong, I know more experienced kin say these things too; it affects all of us.

Here's the thing that makes this complicated though: I'm not asking anyone to change their behavior. In the past I've talked about these things and said that we need to change the way we say things, but that's not the case this time. I'm not asking anyone to stop saying things that might make other people unhappy. That's why this is a rant and not a debate. It's just an annoying situation.
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