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Trying to blog nightly.

Going to have a deeper scar than I thought from that bite. I still can't feel that bit of my arm where the teeth were. Likewise, my back is still on the mend.

Tomorrow will be hot.
I'm not ready.

A bit down which for me is like being stuck in tar. I blame my period for this hormonal hellhole. Make my mind all wonky and all I want to do is sleep or kill myself.

Which is so STUPID considering I have kids.
That and San would never forgive me. I couldn't take His disapointment.

Suicide is more like a...constant afterthought to any given situation. Annoying but like a train wreck you can't stop watching.

At least I got the self harm under control. All done with that ish.

"Briarwood is the pretty poison." ~from Black Jewels
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