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Okay, so even while Kinmunity has been down, I've made progress on my summer goals. While it's very small steps, that's what it takes to get this stuff done. Also, not to mention, my sort of amusement and relaxed attitude for this week.

Since I've been wanting to dig into my heritage a little bit for quite a while now, I wanted to research my Blackfoot part of my heritage. It's been sort of hard, but almost out of fate, I found one of my grandpa's books from his library. While it talks about all the tribes, it gives detailed and interesting backgrounds on the tribes, including the Blackfeet. This includes important events, tribal beliefs, and different ways the tribes ruled. As for accuracy, while I'll do more digging later just for validity's sake, I feel as if this is a good start. I'll keep in mind that it could still hold inaccurate information, but I'll keep these facts in mind once I finish the book and move on to research it even more. The book was published in 1973, is leather-backed, (real leather!) and was made by Time Life Books. Pretty fancy, if I do say so myself. Not to mention, it seems pretty unbiased.

Cacti Expert
Ganja and Nick are alive and well, and I'm making arrangements to pot them soon. Also, I've been good about the water, and they seem pretty healthy. I'm also planning to give Nick a top hat and a bow tie. Not sure what I'm going to make for Ganja yet.

I've been looking at nature centers near me on the internet, and soon, I'll drag my friends along with me. 3 cheers for nature!

While I haven't started researching any religions or spiritualities quite yet, my friends and I have agreed to make a Fire Pact at the end of the school year since we'll be burning our old papers anyways. I'm pretty excited.

Highlights of This Week
  • I played as Jack Ruby during a school presentation over Kennedy's Last Days. I feel like I did a good job, and improvised the script a little. People said I was hilarious and in-character. Not to mention, I got to wear my favorite fedora and a suit jacket!
  • I found a Youtuber named Majira Strawberry. While I'm pretty indifferent to furries, but this guy is awesome.
  • Randomly, as I was walking down the hallway with my friend, some guy yelled "Cheer, Cheer, for *insert my full name here*!" It was really weird, but amusing. I didn't know how to react at the time, so I just kept walking.
Anyways, that's basically my week. Woo.
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