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Questioning and Frustration

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I’ve been questioning the possibility that I’m fictionkin for a significant amount of time now, but I feel really stubborn about it.

I really don’t think I could keep track of more than one kintype with my already confusing identity issues. I also just don’t think I have enough information to come to the conclusion. I’m basing this all off of a few phantom wings only differently shaped from the also mechanical phantom wings I get from my android kintype as well and unusual possessiveness over simulations I build of the character’s body pieces and such for cosplay.

I’ve identified WITH this character since the game came out, but I can’t ignore the aching desire to figure out if I identify AS him. I don’t want to use relating to the character as evidence since characters are meant to be relatable. But I can’t ignore it after the issues I had surrounding his body as well as the uncertainty of what could be simply ideas I had to fill the gaps before, between and after his in-game scenes and what could be kin memories if I really do identify as him.

I’ve been hung up on this for a while and it’s really bothering me. Part of me feels like I’m repressing it like I did to my android kintype for the past 5 years. And the other thinks I’m just jumping to conclusions and simply being absurd. *sigh*
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