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Rant with the old, Rave with the new

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Okay this is a no-holds barred rant so if anyone is reading this, be it on your own head if you dislike what I am about to say.

I don't trust anyone!
There I have said it, ever since all this new age philosophy rubbish I have noticed people can just claim to be something and everyone has to take their word for it, people claiming to be dragons but as close to be dragons as I am becoming emperor of the world.
It breeds enormous amounts of distrust when people claim to be something without understanding what it is. Like claiming to be a soldier but having none of the training or mental skills for it.
People can just come in claiming anything and we add their experiences to the list of 'how ones is a....' whatever.
The world couldn't survive if ever species claimed to be a wolf or a human without any reason to justify then that conformed to known checks.
Again this was just a rant so if anyone is thinking of picking a fight then by all means I am more than welcoming to it.
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