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Religious Exploration Sure is Confusing

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I've been practicing witchcraft and spiritual work for a couple of years now, and considered myself a solitary secular witch for most of that time. But the thing is, I'm getting stressed about not being in a coven and not knowing my religious path. I plan on celebrating the Sabbats, starting with this year's Samhain, and I've had interest in figuring out where I belong in terms of this.

I've been searching for a while for religious beliefs that work together with my spiritual beliefs, but matching them up is difficult. I mean, look at this junk:
-I'm a pantheist. I believe in every deity known to us and many more, but with a twist that makes me feel like I'm cheating those deities. I believe every deity was once human just like us, but united their mind and soul to ascend to power.
-I believe in spirits, I view them as souls who are separated from their physical bodies by one of two means, either a) the death of their physical body, leaving their soul to wander or b) mastering the art of projecting their soul from their body. I have a spirit companion who is indeed alive on another plane of existence, and projects his soul to our plane of existence to interact with me.
-I believe in the strand theory, that there are many (but not infinite) planes of existence that have branched off from eachother, each separated by single decisions made and events that unfolded.
-I believe in the soul as the true core of one's being, and that the soul can act as a storage for memories and feelings from past lives (which is how I explain my identity as otherkin, but that's nothing to get in to now) and project them on to your current life.

Put all of these beliefs together, along with being otherkin and transgender, and you get a pretty messy mix of specific criteria for a religion. Maybe my research has not been showing me something. Do you know of any religions or spiritual paths that allow for these kinds of beliefs?
  • Ember Juno
  • Ember Juno
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