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Screw you too!

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Minor "rant," though I'm honestly not very sad about it.
It's looking like an entire side of my family wants nothing to do with me. With absolutely no warning. They're just suddenly gone. I noticed that none of them have accepted my requests on Facebook, even though they've accepted my sister. I'd shrug it off as just an example of people not knowing how to use Facebook, but I did have my dad on there and when I went to wish him happy birthday recently, I noticed that he had dropped me! The page said "Add friend." I didn't drop him so guess what that means...None of them are responding to any of my messages. Even some of the ones I thought I was on fairly decent terms with have dropped me and seem to be ignoring me. But they're still associating with my sister. What gives, "family?"

I can't say I'm mad about it. They've only just barely been there. I'd do things for them, but they rarely did anything for me. Dad himself was a loser who seems to revel in it, he left my mom and I (and sister) when I was one. I hardly ever visited him and whenever I did (usually on some holiday), he'd find something to berate me about, make it seem like I'm the one making bad choices. Without going into too much detail, he's really kind of a jerk. And that entire side of the family is full of jerks. I'm not sad to leave them behind and forget I was ever associated with them, if that's what they want. Seems like the only reason they're called "family" is because we share DNA and a last name. (A stupid last name, by the way. I won't reveal it but I've always hated it, it's a single syllable, and when combined with my first initial it spells something vulgar, as I found out when I got an assigned email one day.)

Meanwhile the other half of the family isn't ignoring me, but apart from my mom and sister, we've never been that close. Most of them are a thousand miles away. Really, the only people I've been close to are those two people I keep mentioning. Makes me wonder, when they inevitably drift away on their own, who am I going to have? I mean, if you want to get weird, I've had dreams about this exact thing happening, but in all of those dreams I simply find someone of my own and run off with them and their family and forget all this stuff even ever happened. Maybe that's just what I wish would happen, I don't know.
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