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Seelie Vs. Unseelie

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Note: What I say here paints fae and especially unseelie (to some) as 'demonic' and evil, but I didn't focus on the more positive aspects on them because its already blown way out of proportion and the darker side of their true nature buried way down under the child appropriate image. Maybe I will make a more friendly entry about this in the future.

I've been looking for new music, and I often times check out playlists that people put on the internet (especially tumblr); I learned that if you want some good heavy, gritty, and dark music you normally search demon in terms of kin playlists, fae often get more cutesy, pretty, and melodic, mermaid often gets a lot of instrumental. This gave me an urge to see if I could find any unseelie playlists, just to see what it normally got, and instead come across a blog that has made a few good points that I thought on for a bit (now I'm still trying to determine if said blog is decent enough to respect with the proper salt or if the points made were merely coincidence). The points made were talking about seelie vs. unseelie, their tactics and methods, and such; the best phrase I found to show them as they are is 'would you prefer a poisoned flower or a knife in the dark?' Its asking would you like sweet lies spoken through kind smiles that mask the horrible truth or would you like to know you dance on the knife edge and be seduced by the terrible truth?

When it comes down to it there is very little difference in those seelie and unseelie, both are dangerous and expect something in return for assisting; the biggest difference is that the seelie will danger behind beautiful and sweet deception and the unseelie embrace and taunt you with danger to seduce you into not caring, this is not an every individual kind of statement but an overall one. Most unseelie give off too much air of danger to be able to hide it behind sweet deception, like an alligator's smile while offering you a flower, but they don't get satisfaction from that kind of game. They find it more enjoyable to take what it is you want, give you enough of a taste of it to make you want it badly, then say 'we can help you achieve that, but for a price' where they tell you (maybe in a half lie so that you don't fully understand what it is your being asked to give up), and wait to see if you take it with predatory smiles. Whereas the seelie will emerge you in a beautiful dreamscape that you are drawn in to (like the dance scene from the Labyrinth) you will enjoy it and for a bit forget what it is that you want (possibly completely forget and dance yourself to death without realizing), when you finally remember to ask they will smile kindly and give you what you want (maybe with the line 'don't worry about the payment now, if it is important enough for you then take it now and worry about that later'), and you go back to find that maybe too much time had past and now its too late for what you went to them for or if you make it in time the payment that comes after is too big for you to give.
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