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Self Grill #2 Spiritual or Psychological?

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Do you identify for spiritual or psychological reasons?

(from the questions here)

I primarily go with spiritual reasons. I believe that my soul is made up of the same stuff that Heru is made of. I'm not going with the reincarnation angle, because I'm not entirely sure that I've been incarnated previously. I'm not sure that it would make any difference if I had been. I believe my otherkinity was brought about because a soul is not just a blank slate. It's made up of a certain kind of living energy that contains its own patterns, information of a sort.

Here's a good metaphor for that.

I believe that a soul can sort the randomized stuff that happens in your life into certain patterns. If you look at the pattern, you may be able to backtrack to figure out what kind of energy is shaking the plate. But of course, our lives are not as simple as the set up in the video. The plates are not smooth and even. The material is not a uniform size, and there are competing waves in the environment that can warp the image. In other words, you're never going to get a perfect representation on earth.

It's amazing any of us ever figure this stuff out.

That said, I also keep my mind open to the possibility of psychological or neurological influences. Neurological patterns can also "shake the plate." Outside influences can change the type of media falls on the plate. Environmental factors can warp the plate itself. All we can see is the pattern. It takes some work to figure out how the pattern got there.
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