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Shedding a bit more light onto a past activity

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So, I attempted some meditation again. No past life regression or anything fancy, just sitting there and clearing my head.

Sadly, with a very dry and tickl-y cough, I managed about ten minutes at a time without having a slight break of clarity to cough.

But, I did find something.

As I sat there, my hands felt different, like they were a different shape. Like I had two thicker fingers and one thumb. I'm not sure if they were clawed or not though. At a brief moment I also felt two small points of the front of my forehead, as if they were the base of small horns.

Now, over that length of time, some times to the point where I could just imagine myself looking down and being so confused to seeing a human hand, to one point where I could almost feel something moving in the space where the thicker muscles would be.

And as a child (even now sometimes), I 'pair up' my fingers on each hand so it looks like two thick fingers and a thumb on each hand. For a more relatable image, imagine the Vulcan 'live long and prosper'.
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