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Snowshoe Meows About: 32 Self Grilling Questions

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What is your kintype? (Just include the one you're focusing on.)
Squirrel, because I havn't felt a squirrel shift in a while now so I'm questioning myself. (I am filling out this whole thing just for squirrel as much as possible)
Do you identify for spiritual or psychological reasons?
When was your awakening (if you had one)?
A couple years back, but at first I called myself a rabbit.
If you had one, do you believe something specific triggered your awakening?
I remembered something from my past that sparked it.
If you had one, how long did your awakening last? Was it a sudden realisation, or did it take time?
It took time. I couldn't really place it but I felt like I was a prey animal.
If you had one, what did you feel during your awakening?
I can't remember feeling anything outside of confusion, honestly.
Did you experience shifts and/or feelings of being non-human prior to your awakening?
Most definetly yes, because before this I have always known that I'm a cat.
Did you know about otherkin/therians prior to your awakening? If yes, do you think learning about otherkin/therians played a part in triggering your awakening?
Yes and yes. I would have never thought that anyone could have more than one kintype if I hadn't looked into the community.
If you didn't know about otherkin/therians prior to your awakening, how did you come across the community?
I've always been a cat, and I learned about therians through DeviantArt a long time ago.
Did you automatically know your species/race when you awakened?
Nope, not at all.
If yes, did you make any attempts to verify this identification? If no, how did you discover your species/race (if you have)?
I had a memory come back to me from a very long time ago. It'll sound naive, but I knew a woman who could see spirits and she told me that I had the spirit of a squirrel in me.
Have you ever misidentified your species/race? If so, what did you mistake yourself for, and why do you think this was?
Yes, goodness. I thought rabbit at first because my fiancee is a rabbit, so I just assumed that is what I would have been, too.
Do you experience involuntary mental shifts? If so, what are they like? How often do you have them? Are they triggered by anything in particular?
Yes I do. They tend to be pretty intense like bursts of energy and slight change of behavior. They usually come with food cravings and strong urges to go out hiking and running through the woods. I have them sporadically, it is kinda frustrating. Sometimes it'll be a solid week of a really intense shift but then nothing for a month so I am left questioning everything, like I am now. If there is any trigger, I don't know what it is.
Do you experience voluntary mental shifts? If so, what are they like, and how do you control them?
Nope, nothing voluntary here. I am just along for the ride.
Do you experience involuntary phantom shifts? If so, what are they like? How often do you have them? Are they triggered by anything in particular?
Yes I do. Mental shifts come with the phantom shifts most of the time, and then other times I'll just have the phantom shifts without the mental ones.
Do you experience voluntary phantom shifts? If so, what are they like, and how do you control them?
Again, nothing voluntary.
Do you experience dream shifts? If so, how often? Are there any recurring themes? Are your dream shift settings/experiences the same as in normal dreams, or are there notable differences?
Actually, now that you mention it, I have. Not very often, but I have had very vivid dreams. The themes tend to be of me foraging for food and of my territory in general. There is quite a bit of difference from a regular dream, those are all more from this life.
Do you experience any other kind of shift? If so, elaborate.
No I don't think so, but there are lots of types of shifting that I'm not the most well education on so it is possible.
What experiences and feelings led you to identify as your kintype rather than with it?
The recent memory I had, for sure.
To what extent do you see yourself as (non-physically) nonhuman? Do you identify as human as well as your kintype?
I'd say human and squirrel.
What led you to believe that your identity is spiritual or psychological in nature? Have you ever believed the other was true, or seriously considered that it may be?
My memory led me to believe spiritual.
Do you have any past life memories (if your beliefs are spiritual) or artificial memories/flashbacks (if your beliefs are psychological)? If so, describe them.
I've had dreams about my territory in the past, but that's about it.
Do you ever feel homesick for the location your kintype lives/lived in? If so, how do you deal with those feelings?
Yes. I go hiking with my fiancee when we can.
Are there any locations that make you feel closer to your kintype? Any locations that make you feel disconnected from it?
I feel closer in the woods. Nowhere really makes me feel disconnected.
Do you experience species dysphoria? If so, how often? To what extent? Do you have any methods of coping with it?
I think I have. I havn't had a shift in a while now so the memories of how intense they can be are kinda fuzzy.
Do you have any behaviours or quirks that you attribute to your kintype?
I do! I love my little quirks.
Do you have any nonstandard thought processes or instinctual reactions that you attribute to your kintype?
Probably, but sorting out the cat from the squirrel is difficult.
Do you have any personality traits that you attribute to your kintype?
I'm nuts! *ba-dush ting* Yes, I do.
Do you have any nonstandard beliefs, ethics or morals that you attribute to your kintype?
Why do you believe the above behaviours/traits/etc. are related to your kintype?
Because those behaviors are consistent with those of a lil prey animal.
Do you feel that having a nonhuman identity has been a positive, negative or neutral experience? Have you ever tried to deny your nonhuman identity?
Neutral-positiveish. I eat healthier when I have these shifts because that's just what I happen to crave, and I go out and exercise more intensely.
Do you ever wish you could change your kintype? If so, what would you rather be?
I do, I would love to be a hyena or african wild dog. Either of those would be my chosen kintype. Or a bird or angel because I already have phantom wings that make no sense with what I am.
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