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So far...

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Last week screwed my back up (whiplash sucks) and also re-injured my neck. This week, I got a nasty bite on my left arm that I suspect bruised the muscle, as well as multiple scratches on both arm and gouges on my right wrist.

Summer hasn't even begun yet and I'm hurtin'. I'm not getting paid enough for this.

Its Mother's Day this weekend. I know my mom wants to have this lunch thing with just me and her, so I texted her to see when we can set this up. She wants it to happen tomorrow...she also wants me to pick her up and take her to sushi. I'm broke as a joke so I don't know if she expects me to pay...okay, she probably does.

I haven't got back to her yet, need to talk to Em first. Both kids are cutting new teeth so they are super fussy. Little Sir didn't even go to sleep until almost 10 despite how tired he was and Bug was up at 5AM ready to play.

I'm not ready for today.
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