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So I Have an Intersting Inner Circle...

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From as early on as I can remember I always knew that, when using strong intent and having full faith in something you'd most likely get what you desired, if it actually belonged to you. At around the age of 10 I found out that it was called using the law of attraction. That being said, I used to do it a lot as a child and I mean a lot. I was also a tad bit obsessed with magic and witches and loved learning about the religion of Wicca. I personally believe that in a past life I was a witch involved in the Salem burnings, I had a lot of dreams as a child that lead me to believe this and lead to a more than obvious fear of fires XD
Anyway... my inner circle now tends to call me a witch. They don't use it in a joking manner either, most of my friends and family believe I can use magic and it's a bit strange at times. My mom will sometimes go up to me and say something like "I'm going to the supermarket on Friday, can you use some magic to make sure it's not crowded?" I'll go "You mean use strong intent?" And she'll just agree so I'll do that for her, even though I remind her everyday, that anyone can do it. Well, I sort of jokingly mentioned I was kin and my friend stared at me, narrowed eyed and confused for a while. I got a a little nervous, thinking she thought I was crazy but, all she said was: "Past life? What, no, you're a witch now too. You do magic don't you?" I'd like to clear it up, that I don't follow the religion of Wicca, but I'm extremely interested in it so in short, no I don't do magic XD
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