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So... I made a list

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I found out I can shift just with the intention of my energy settling out into its true form. With this, I can feel my muzzle, my thicker fingers, even some of my tail. They aren't the strongest sensations, but it's still clear that there's something there.

Memories are a whole nother story.

Sometimes I wish I could just let my mind wander and go 'right, go find your memories'. I wish it was as easy as that. Although then sometimes I don't know what to look for in order to have a bit more focus - do I look for my homeworld, any past life memories, a clearer description of myself... No clue.

I can't keep still long enough for meditation, give me 10 minutes and my leg would have twitched and thrown me out of the state. Guided meditation seems to help curb that sensation, which is a start.

Even if I go back to when I was a kid (granted if I can even remember that far back), and I list them below (yes, I know, humans do odd things when they're small, but this has carried over even until now)

- I always loved reptiles, even more than the fluffy hamsters I'm so fond of
- I have a tendency to 'pair up' my fingers and use them like that, and it just feels so natural (now I find linked to the phantom shifts of my hands)
- I've always loved a nice dry heat, to the point where I could comfortably be in jeans on an around-30C day.
- I loved swimming, where at times it just felt so natural to be swimming
- I've always felt a pull/deep fascination for the Orion constellation, it would always be the first thing I looked for in the clear night sky
-I've always had a sense of being fascinated by space travel, and when I think back I remember watching the televised shuttle launches thinking that it was for a greater good of humankind
-I have a tendency to hiss or growl when angry or upset
-If I can, I'll walk barefoot, then wonder why my skin isn't tougher than it used to be
-I feel the cold far too easily, and have poor blood circulation in my hands and feet (doctors say they can't do anything about it), so it's like I have to go through a long 'warm up' period before I start feeling warm
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