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So very other-hearted

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I've been kind of in a slump lately when it comes to my kintypes, getting caught in cycles of questioning myself but not getting any answers from doing it... so I decided that today I'd try and focus on something a little less serious.

Today I've given myself the task of writing out all the things I'm hearted with. Or... as many as I can think of on the spot. Because I have quite a few and I don't really tend to talk about them much.

I connect with my heart-types (or whatever you even call them) for a bunch of different reasons, usually either because they're personally symbolic or because I just like them a lot, though for some it doesn't seem like either of those things so I'm just kind of ???. I tend to be more attached to one in particular at any given time. Sometimes they can even seem like kintypes, but they're not - they come and go, and I never truly feel like one.


Dragons - so much that I even thought it was a kintype for a long time! I've had dragon phantom shifts since I was a kid, and I still get the wings on a regular basis, and even m-shifts occasionally. I've always been fascinated by dragons. I connect most with eastern dragons' personalities/behaviours, but western dragons' appearance.

Black dogs - y'know, those ghostly, hellhound-like creatures particularly prevalent in British mythology? I think my connection with them is related to my demonic kintype, especially when it comes to ambivalent or benevolent black dog-type spirits. I have a black dog character that I've used to represent myself in vent art and stuff for a few years now.

Earthly animals

- especially constrictors such as boas and pythons. And, to a lesser extent, reptiles in general. It's hard to really explain what my connection with them really is, but they show up a lot in dreams as a personal symbol for responsibility, and I view them as a kind of totem animal as well. And also I just love them a whole lot.

Orcas - another animal that shows up in my dreams a lot. They seem to represent freedom or something similar. I've had them pop up in my dreams since childhood, and they were also my favourite animals for a long time when I was young. In fact, if you'd asked me when I was young what animal I wanted to be, I'd have definitely said an orca.

Red deer - similar to the other two, I have red deer appear in my dreams sometimes, but it always seems to be one individual in particular: a stag with a quite impressive set of antlers. I don't know what his deal is, but he's been showing up in dreams and meditation for the past three years. I blame him for the antler shifts I get, and my connection with red deer in general.

Wasps - kinda odd because I was terrified of them when I was really young. I think maybe because there was a wasp nest right near the back door of one of my childhood homes, so I ended up spending a lot of time just in the room with them and stuff. I especially love hornets, and stingless wasps like horntails and ruby-tails.

Corvids - I think this connection partially developed when I used to be into birdwatching a few years ago, but I also think I might have had a past life as one so that could also contribute. I feel most connected with jackdaws, rooks and ravens, and sometimes have phantom shifts like arm-wings and beaks. I just generally love being around them and watching them interact with each other.

Fictional things

- I mean I honestly don't understand this one at all? I get homesickness and dream shifts and everything. As a giant, irradiated scorpion. Like... okay then, brain? I mean, I've considered they might be a kintype a couple of times, but I'm 99% sure they're not. I also connect less strongly with Earthly scorpions, emperors in particular.

Some fictional characters/races/etc. - not listing them in particular because I'm lazy and there's a lot. Plus out of all of my heart-types these ones tend to be the ones I feel least connected with, and last the shorted amount of time (usually 2-3 days at most).

And that's all of them I think? Tbh I usually forget a couple.

Kinda telling that this pretty much looks like any Tumblrkin's "kintype" list, isn't it? :p
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