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Something is wrong (or is it right?)

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...but what the hell is it?

Many times, when I wake up, I feel like something is different. A bit off. I don't know what, though. The world is different, but I don't know how. I can't even tell if it's better or worse, just that something has changed.

I also have another vague feeling that comes around no matter the time of day. I can't really describe it because I can't get a hold of it. You ever have a feeling where you don't even know what you're feeling? You ever see a speck in your eye and try to focus on it, but every time you think you're close, it moves? It's a combination of those things. The closest I've come is that I've determined it's a mostly-good feeling.

Whenever I try to think about what it might be or what the cause is, I always come back to the idea that something is out there, waiting for me. I don't know if that's why I get the vague feeling, or if it's just wishful thinking (because I really, REALLY want there to be something out there waiting for me). What (and where and when) on Earth could it be, if there is one? Am I moving closer to it, or further away?

Or maybe it's just chemicals screwing with me and nothing is actually happening, I mean it could be something along those lines as well
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