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Taking a break

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Been inactive for a little while now... I don't know if anyone's noticed or what. I'm kind of bad at gauging that kind of... social... thing. But I'm having my customary break from otherkin stuff, as I do every now and then, just to recharge from the introspection and maintain my sanity. I haven't even been lurking.

Dunno how long I'll be gone for, but I'll come back when I feel like it!

Just stopping by to see if anything interesting's happened, and to post this so I at least feel like I've let people know why I've dropped off the radar.

Also had a couple of strong shifts that I figure I better record somewhere.

Don't know how long ago it was, but at one point I had a very strong m-shift in the middle of the night. At least, I think it was an m-shift. I was just sat browsing the internet when I suddenly entered what was basically a very deep meditative state. Seemed completely out of nowhere. I got the feelings of distance and dissociation I usually get during my demonic shifts, but none of the usual change in thought processes. It was strange, but nice - I haven't had much luck with meditation in a very long time, but I miss being able to just relax like that. I decided to make the most of it: turned off the lights, got myself comfortable sat up in my bed, and had another shot at astral projection since I didn't think I'd get a better chance any time soon. Didn't work out, but I enjoyed it anyway.

Also had some very strange ph-shifts at one point. I think I've had them before, but never really paid attention to them. While I was trying to get to sleep, I felt these strange limbs on my back - kind of like wings, but without any membrane. What made them stand out from my usual cameos is that I'm fairly sure they were mechanical. They seemed to be rooted in my spine, and actually seemed to hurt a little. I could feel them scraping against my bones. There were other things, too, I think - things stuck in my arms and legs, armour plating maybe? Don't know what the source of those shifts are. It's not a kintype. I just have no idea where that came from. I also picked up on some parallels between that and some dreams I've had before. Probably has some symbolic personal significance or something.

Aaaand maybe the day before yesterday I had a funny mixed shift where I had a full-body dragon phantom shift and a very strong wolf m-shift at the same time. That was pretty interesting. And fun. Being a dragon is fun, though I did have a moment where I was like why? is my neck so short??

And also just a bunch of normal, run-of-the-mill wolf and dragon shifts.

So, yeah, that's what been going on for me.
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