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The Balance One

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There are three main aspects to ones entirety
Mind, Body and Spirit.
To one master any one is an achievement but to balance all three and still progress all three in that fashion is extraordinary, this is the key to a powerful life, balance.
However today was one where this warrior was defeated by the oldest and darkest trick in the book an attack at the heart (Soul). there are so many people in the world have not earnt nor are worthy of being with someone and yet those who tried are alone. I lost my family once and it tore me apart and yet I have never been given another chance. Instead I live the sad tale of many dragons through history, doomed to be alone in the cave living our lives and emerging from our caves but still having to retreat back to them alone.
Maybe my strength comes from not caring at all, by being truly myself, a void of any emotionn so temptation has no sway for revenge.
There are so few female dragons left and they don't want me or they have mates in their life and now I find the last hope is again denied me because there are no otherkin left either. Maybe I am amongst those that are never meant to find that chance and if so you people out there that have someone you had better not take it for granted because you have NO idea what it is like to be truly alone
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