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The best of both worlds

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There are actually two discrete topics I want to discuss here, but as it happens this title works for both.

First off: by now anyone reading this should know what The Unstoppable Feeling is. If not, read my forum signature. I've also discussed something I call “The Annoying Feeling.” That's when I feel the same sort of way as TUF but the symptoms are lighter and it doesn't last very long. But lately I've found another iteration of this feeling. It comes just for a second, and then goes away. I call it being “formsick.” You know, like homesick but for a body instead of a place. These feelings have mostly come along while thinking about Pan’s appearance. No, not the Greek god, the proto-tulpa I described in my last post. I have him switch to a human form when I'm worried about being formsick. The good news is, if I get formsick when thinking about Pan’s appearance, that's more evidence for my current working theory (that a fauntaur, at least by default, looks just like a faun). In a way being formsick is a good thing; it lets me keep a hold of my kin identity without having to go through TUF or even TAF. Incidentally, I suppose the title of this post can refer to Pan as well. He's a bit of an imaginary friend and a bit of a tulpa.

But the other topic is one I've been talking about for a long time. I've always said we need to treat new members nicely, and be open to what they're saying. I believe we can correct them without being overbearing or accusatory. And I still do believe all of that. But you know how I sometimes call my approach being the “good cop?” Well, I've come to realize that a good cop doesn't work without a bad cop. I do think the general approach to new people should be on the friendly side, but I also think there needs to be someone taking the hardline approach. Because I've been seeing more and more things on this forum and beyond that seem like they might be fluff or trolling, and while my approach works with people who are genuine, it won't work with people who aren't. I want to give people a chance to explain, but I also see that we need to stop non-genuine people from hurting the site.

So this is a bit of a change on my part, but I think it's important. And...that's about it.
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