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The box.

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Hi all. Yes I say that alot. To make it known to those that read this I'm an alien and no matter how many times I say it it still feels odd. To me I'm not the alien but I am in one. Think on that for a bit ha ha ha. I do want to look like me not a bald monkey. The up side. Well it's an up side to how things are now. Anyway I have realized I have been feeling my tail my whole life. Why didn't I Knowtes before? Because it felt normal to me so I didn't Knowtes. Until things started falling behind me. Oops hihi. Now that I know it's there in some way I mess with people with it. I have to be in the right mood though. I will move things from where people put them and hold them down when they try to pick them up. When they pull hard I let go. Hehehe Yep! It goes SMACK right in their face. I know it's mean but it's funny and it's been so long since I used my tail. I want everyone to see my tail. Yes the jokes will be harder to do but I will no longer look strange falling asleep with my head on air in taxes. They will see my head is laying on my tail. Not much different but I will feel better. What does that have to do with the box? Well the box is a label everyone gives people like us. Crazy. When people look at me and ask ( Are you crazy?) I have to tell the truth. Yes I'm crazy. XD Not because of what I believe but because all the humans are so stupid. They will kill us all with their I will shot my enemy before they shot me crap. It sounds like child fighting. I shoot you first. Did not. I shoot you first. Tell me you haven't heard that before. And they call us crazy. I'm not dropping explosives on people I don't like. Put me in a box HA.
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