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The End of a day off

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How can one define a day off from work? Since work is anything you don't want to do (honestly) then if one has a day off and has stuff to do they don't want to then it is work.
Well another day has gone by and I haven't felt relaxed, rested or enjoyed. I worked on my body so that is it not so weak and fragile, I had to work on my flat which I moved into that it is livable whilst working to help and guide others, sometimes I think I will never get to rest properly and yet for all my bluster I find teaching and guiding others to be the best thing I am at.
You see others think I am some weird dragon and yet it is that weirdness that gives me an edge in helping those that ask for it, training them to be better, teaching them so that they experience a better life and in a way, even though I feel my own life slipping from me it is a ray of hope that those that listen and because they have flourish makes this old dragon very happy.

In a way they are my children, my legacy
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