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The First Vampire? "Atlanteans"?

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So a couple of years ago I was in a relationship with this guy (let's call him Tai). It was definitely a unique relationship, as he was just as kin as myself. The weirdest thing (and fluffiest) about us was that he was also a multiples system, and basically all of his headmates were "soulmates" to at least one of my headmates (The Twins and Lucius, Mikhael and Leeandra, Reyvin and Keeandra (they actually switched places, a story for another entry), Jen and Tai, and even Violet and Chriss). Each of them was their own unique entity, but they all had very detailed memories of who they had been before this life. The relationship ended up being emotionally abusive and after 3 years we cut it off, but a lot of what we talked about has stuck with me today.
One of them was the claim that Tai was actually the first vampire, and had been reincarnating for hundreds if not thousands of years as himself, preserving most all of his memories. Perhaps he was not the actual first vampire, maybe he wasn't even one of the first vampires. But he claimed that he had turned Jen and that she was the first turned vampire. That that was a problem for the society they lived in, particularly the vampiric one. That after living together for a couple centuries as proper immortal vampires (since there was more magic back then that could support that sort of physical change) the society caught up to them and killed Jen. She only reincarnated twice, once as a tree (vivid memory for another post), and then this life as the original person before the rest of us woke up.

The other thing that might be relevant is that I believe that Jen was part of a subspecies of human. Not Homo sapiens sapiens that we are all a part of today, but something else in the human genus. I don't know if it was a subspecies such as Homo sapiens neanderthalis or if it was its own species entirely. I don't think that particularly matters?
But this other species of human was magically predisposed. I was told once that these were the people that built the mythical city of Atlantis, only to be consumed by their hubris and the sea. I don't know how much I believe that in particular, but I've seen other accounts of ancient magical technologically advanced humans here on this site that seem to be eerily similar to Jen's own accounts and memories.

She herself has glimpses, flashes, of tattooed people in accordance to their element. She recalls her own tattoos as being "rhunic" with parallel lines and right angles, but also some soft tapered ends and curves in places. We think they might have been silvery? Which would align with the magical aptitude she brought to this body, and the connection to "akasha" as her main element (rather than one of the normal 4, Fyre, Earth, Wynd, and Water; some would call akasha spirit energy) which has always appeared as something silvery to us.

I guess I'm writing this to sort of...have other people look at it and analyze it? I know how absurd it sounds, so know that I'm telling the truth as best I can remember it and understand.

Thanks for reading <3
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