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the long road ahead...

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I've just realised the importance of a blog. I've never really written one before, not even a diary as a kid.
After my last post I felt confused and unsure if I should have written anything. Should I be self editing, should I draft things first? I think for me this is a way of marshalling my thoughts and working through things I can't say to people. Not because I don't trust those I consider friends, but because I haven't the strength or will to say this stuff out loud.

Here I can unleash all my terrors and angers. Whether they are read or not, whether people understand me better or not, that's not the point. The point is I'll understand me better. And right now I need that.

So next up will probably be a blog about being an ACON, and no it has nothing to do with being a dyslexic tree fruit.
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