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The Riptide

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So I was talking to Neve earlier this morning, having come into a conversation about Neve taking kintype drawing requests. Seemed harmless enough, right?

But then it comes to the time where I have to look up screenshots for reference. Being a FPS game (and the graphic novel being off in some places), I have to sift through a lot of them.

But then it got round to some of Vivian, and even from behind I wept, heartbroken, lonely. I've never wanted someone's company more than I did in that minute.

And man was it unexpected.

I find it slightly funny because I'd been warned about this, back when I mentioned the soundtrack. I'd been warned that my grip, my stability wasn't as correct as I thought it was. With this, maybe he was right, because even now I find myself in the situation of 'if I play, I'm going to be hit with a ton of emotions...'.

And somehow I don't think I can explain to my parents why I'm sat in the front room bawling my eyes out over a fictional character... And then raging over others... And then experiencing much stronger familiarity than before...

Maybe things will mellow out over the next few days. I wish I hadn't lost my save data for my first playthrough... I'm not desperate to play, I just tend to go in cycles when it comes to gaming.

... Which is probably why I'm sat here waiting for LoL to download...
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