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Theme Music

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This blog post will be media heavy.
I probably make way too many word intensive blogs, so here's something more light hearted. Music is an amazing medium to me due to it's ability to create emotions and tell stories. I'm very sensitive to sound, and good music can often effect my emotional and mental state in more ways than one. But, aside from that, it's fun to think about what music would suit yourself if you were in a film or a game, it's fun and light, so I'm going to link a few. I may also come back later and edit this post with more and more music as time goes on.

Such music relates to my Kintype and experiences with both that and being a system.

Ah, there could be an endless stream of videos here, but I'll limit it to three.
Most aggressive music tends to be Sordis' area of things.

It was actually very hard to find any music for Taru because they're not very
talkitive and not one that would connect easily to music. However, I have a few.

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