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Things I like and always have liked

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I always have been interested in shapeshifting and transformation and anything along those lines. My favorite thing to do when I was a kid was fantasize about what it would be like to become something else. Anything. Anything at all. Most kids like to pretend they're dogs or something, or wonder about what it's like to be someone else. I did that, but my pretending included anything from animals to plants to inanimate objects. I put a lampshade on my head and stood as still as I could once, pretending I was a lamp. I wore bunny ears and hopped like...a bunny. I could be found sitting on a "nest" of golf balls.

Like many kids who have been sorted into roles based on the appearance of their body parts, I was given Barbie dolls and toy babies to play with. And I did play with them. But I also had toys shaped like animals. And dollhouse parts like tiny chairs and tables, and Barbie clothing, and so on. And one of my favorite "scenes" to re-enact over and over was the one I had made up, where one of the doll family goes missing and it is quickly realized that she was playing around with transfiguration magic or whatever and it went HORRIBLY WRONG, and now they have to determine which inanimate object or animal she managed to turn herself into and change her back.

My favorite "scary" stories were about werewolves, shapeshifters, and there was this one I vaguely remember about kids getting cursed to become chickens. Never got to read it all, but I loved what I saw of Animorphs. I loved talking animal movies, not because they were cute and friendly, but because animals talking was a cool concept. Something about these animals enables them to communicate with humans. Remarkable. Harry Potter and transfiguration? Holy crap, awesome!

I liked to draw half-human half-animal creatures. I liked to draw images implying that two people had switched bodies. I liked to draw grotesque hybrids and mutants. Lilo and Stitch was cool because it had those "experiments." I called my drawings my "experiments." I'm not so sure I'd call myself a furry, but I love anthro-animals.

I wonder if this has anything to do with being otherkin, or if being otherkin has anything to do with this, or if it's not related at all?
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