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Tree Memory

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Since I love describing this memory, I'm going to write down every little facet I recall.

I remember only one moment, though who knows how trees perceive things differently from beings that are more consciously aware of things. I know it can't have been more than 3 hours though, because of the sensation of the sun on my leaves.

I know a few things:
I was a deciduous tree, as evidenced by the layout of my branches and the leaves I distinctly remember rustling in the light breeze.
I was an old tree, as evidenced by my size and sprawling branches/roots. I believe I was easily 100-200 years old, if not older.
I believe I was on a hill, because some of my roots were deep in the ground and some of them were exposed to the air, but there wasn't that much elevation difference between the two
I believe I was one of the few trees in the area because my roots were uninterrupted by any other large plants. There was definitely grass though, I remember their tiny roots interacting with the roots I had closer to the surface.
The soil was good and I felt like a healthy old tree, and like I had always been healthy.
It was probably a summer day because the sun had been in the clear sky for a few hours and due to the angle of light on my leaves I feel like it was starting to decline in the sky. Perhaps around 4-6pm?
It wasn't too hot but I do remember the pressure of a body on top of my roots and resting against the lower bark of my trunk, so I'm pretty sure a person was lounging beneath the shade of my branches.
It's a super pleasant memory. I had lived long enough and through enough seasons that I definitely appreciated the way the sun warmed my leaves and the way the wind felt.

The last time I recalled this memory, as I was recalling the last fact I had a distinct flash of a bitter winter or a storm? Cold harsh winds lashed at my trunk and hurt me but it was a flash and I was likely in winter hibernation so it was a brief moment of discomfort to my tree consciousness.

And I didn't perceive any of this physically, not at least with sight. I just recall the way my leaves changed position and the way the soil pressed on my roots and the way the sun felt, giving me energy I didn't have. It's such a unique and bizarre memory, but interesting imo.

Living as a tree took me out of reincarnation for a while, and I doubt I've had any other lives besides this one, the tree life, and my original life. Could be possible that I have other lives that are unremembered, I know some of my headmates definitely do, but we'll see if I remember those~

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