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It's kind of a bummer that Tumblr is known around the otherkin and therian community as being a bad resource for anything. I'm just going to throw out some of my thoughts about it on here.

  • Personally, I don't use Tumblr to get information, I use this website and other therian/otherkin related websites. I do have to say that yes, I agree with most people that Tumblr isn't a reliable source to get kin information from. I think most non-humans understand that too, it's very widely talked about around the community about why not to use Tumblr (i'm pretty sure)
  • I use Tumblr more as a place to contribute to the more fun and creative side of the community. Not saying anything else isn't creative! Just saying that's what Tumblr does for me. On Tumblr you can find blogs dedicated towards outfits for all sorts of kintypes, positivity, self care*, food, aesthetics and all sorts or different stuff.
  • I do requests for teas and god I really work hard for it. It's very fun to do but it is very very very hard. When I first started doing the requests I did them just for fun. I research the animal, where the animal lives and what it might eat if it's a herbivore or omnivore. Then I search the herbs or plants on this site and see what flavors they are, what they are made of and most importantly if they are edible. After that, I type "herb name tea" into google or an online store to see if a tea shows up. If it does, I write it down! Overtime I started developing lists of different teas to make things easier for me. I have different flavors, locations, and types of teas. So if someone asks for tea for a mountain dragon that lives near rivers and enjoys sweet flavors I can look at my list and say "hmm okay, for mountains Angelica Root tea, for the river I say Watercress tea, for sweet flavors try Chamomile and Elecampane". I was able to fill that out in about 5 minutes. I have a list of 100 teas and every once and a while I sort them out into the different categories using the same website that I talked about before. The best part about doing these requests and definitely the most interesting part is that i've actually gotten messages saying people have gotten memories or recognized the taste or scent of the herbs I recommended. It's always amazing to hear people talk about it when that happens and it always makes me smile hearing about it, it's what encourages me to do more.
  • My main use of Tumblr is to connect with other therians or my same theriotype who are also my age. Tumblr has a lot of younger kin on the site, which is very helpful for me since I am a younger kin.

Wow... I really didn't realize how much I typed on the tea part.. oops. Well anyway, you get the point if you read all of that. If you're interesting in looking at my Tumblr, it's Aenathebatkin.
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