FaerieForged Oct 11, 2016
Be careful relying on dreams as the main indicator of kintype as they are most often highly symbolic, chemical products of the human brain during sleep as it reboots, logs information, solves problems, stores long term memory, etc.
Also, wolf pack in the wild do not function like that at all. There is a mother, father, and the children. No A/B/O ranking (this has been debunked for many years, and the man who created the idea of alpha/beta has since renounced his original idea). Pack members do not move up or down in rank.
And a fascination and connection with something does not inherently make it a kintype. It is an integral identity as nonhuman, and one cannot choose it either. Many otherkin have kintypes they have no connection to, and some even hate their kintypes. I have nothing in common with an otter, they don't even make top 20 of my favourite animals, but I still identify as an otter.
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