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Its either bad allergies or I'm sick but either way, this sucks so hard. I would rather run five miles in the heat than feel like this. I'm hoping to get exta sleep-

Ha! Yeah, I couldn't finish that thought. I only hope Bug sleeps good tonight. She'll be 10 mos this month and she's moving so fast, making so many sounds that it overwhemling.

Don't get me started on Little Sir.

I have lots that I want to write about but its hard getting the motivation to do it. Lately, we've been so busy that when I stop moving, I collapse. I have even more work to do on The Comic, which is so huge that it needs the capital letters. This thing has ####### meat to it, like the good deli kind and not the thin #### at the supermarket.

Which reminds about all the bills that are past due.

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