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Update on thread: Being an Otherkin and how old you are

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Such a "tiring" day. :( not emotionally, I just got a cold along with a headache.
So, as some of you know the thread I posted about otherkin and how old you are. I've been talking to my friend who said she 'grew out of the therian phrase'. (Which isn't a phase. And if you already comment on the thread about this, don't reply the same thing here. If you haven't, reply on the that thread.) Trying to inform her, to make sure it isn't really a phase. And if I'm lucky, bring her back to her 'true self'. It turns out, she's not listening to what I'm saying, and saying it's dumb that people think there's an animal inside us. :(( I had a bit of anger built in me, but I just let that feeling slide. I mean, I had this argurement for a while now. I just hope one day she'll realize the true meaning of therian/otherkin. (And there goes my last 'in person' friend.....but who cares, I know I'm strong standing alone.)
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