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Alrighty. I wanted to babble about my kintype and figured this was the best place for it! Research is hard because there honestly isn't much information on it, and in addition to that in my previous life I wasn't exactly in this dimension, from what I can tell. Another reality, I'm fairly certain not another planet... my headmate is from the same place and agrees, so.

The reason I can get any kind of information at all here is because apparently the deity figures of my world had business in this one. The first dragons recorded were in Akkadian mythology, or thereabouts. Two primordial gods depicted alternately as dragons or humans created the first gods and monsters, and Tiamat's first... eleven children, I think, were dragons. From there our kind spread across the globe, adapting and migrating. Or so I'm lead to believe from what I've read, and it feels true. The three types (or forefathers?) of horned dragon were called Mušmahhu, Bašmu, and Ušumgallu. You don't actually pronounce the 'u' at the end, so I write it ušumgal. And that is exactly what I am... with a few tweaks.

Ušumgal are described as lion-dragon-demons. To be more accurate, they're leonine with birdlike characteristics, and scales. Like a skink or a saw-scaled viper, they have unusual scales. These scales look enough like feathers that they're depicted as such in carvings and seals. They also have birdlike wings and hind legs, substituting scales for feathers. They have toxic blood and are overall terrifying, aggressive, and physically powerful. They don't breathe fire or anything, but they are venomous. I also had a long reptilian tail.

I've sometimes thought I could see my colors, but I must admit that my dreams and such look like a spilled bag of Skittles and neon lights. I know Teresa's colors, except for her eyes because sometimes they're yellow and sometimes they look white, but I just know I wasn't clay-colored or grey like the carvings.

I remember stone beneath my paws, a carved passage like the inside of a manmade temple. I also remember being bound and injured, but Teresa and I can't decide if that memory is mine or hers. And I remember tearing humans apart, hitting trees during a fight, men with weapons everywhere shouting and holding nets. I think they killed me. I don't know why.

I'd like to expand on my part in the whole thing, but unfortunately she's being territorial so I'll let this be her article. I'm writing the next one, though.
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