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We still have to clear up

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Ok, let's clear the air. There have now been a couple of discussions in which I have rather violently disagreed with other members of the community, and said that I was going to consider whether I still want to spend time here. I wasn't just making a huff, I did take some time to consider. Long story short: I'm not going anywhere any time too soon.

I have strong opinions about things, and sometimes I can get carried away. I'm a bit too passionate when it comes to situations where I interpret things as people implying that they're somehow above others. And I'm sorry; I know I don't have the right to get so angry about how I interpret what people are saying, and I know I don't always express my disagreements in the best way. I take things personally when I probably shouldn't. I'm sorry about all of this, for what it's worth. What my apologies can do, I hope they will.

I won't say that it won't happen again, because it will; I can't help it. But I can say that I hope nobody was offended by what I said in any of these discussions. None of it was meant to be personal, even if it sounded that way.

Truth is, I love this site and the people on it. Even if we don't always agree and we aren't always friendly about it, this community is wonderful. So please, don't listen to me when I get like that :D. It's a problem I have to deal with sometimes, but it's my problem to solve.
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