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Weird Arm Experience

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So today, after a lot of mental/emotional stress, I can't even remember how it happened now, but I somehow lost control of my right arm.
I didn't think it was possible before now, but it's like all of the stress and anger and pain ended up in that one arm, and it behaved on it's own, spazing around for about an hour. It felt like it could have been Sordis, but he's always been pretty hazy and fluid, so it wouldn't surprise me if it was.
Talking to them (or who ever was controlling my arm) resulted in getting slapped and kinda.. threatened? If you can imagine a hand coming at your face very fast and then stopping a short distance away and then vibrating and extending one's fingers as wide as you can. Like that, essentially. They were quite expressive really it was kinda funny.
Talking to my partner at the time she asked if I was scared, having lost the ability of one of my arms, but no. No not really. It'd calmed me down a lot having all of the pain shoved into that one space I was disconnected to, so if anything it'd helped me.
Plus I'm honestly used to this kind of stuff happening now and then. I have no idea if it's just me or what but my system experiences always seem to be rather weird. Heh.
I tried to get my arm back after a while, but not without a fight. Had to hold the arm down using all my force as my left arm isn't as strong as my right arm, but in time they kinda calmed down and just flopped around on my desk a little.
Upon regaining the ability to move my arm.. it was the weirdest feeling. Not very pleasant actually. It was like my arm was full of lava or some other burning liquid that I was having to push out to be able to control my arm again. The liquid basically felt like Sorids. All those negative painful emotions that's usually felt elsewhere in the body, within my arm instead. It was a very unusual sensation, and though fascinating, like I said, wasn't that pleasant.
But that's about it. Just wanted to write down this unusual experience in more detail so I could remember it.
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